nick cornaglia

dad | designer | dabbler | dawdler

| dad |
Born and raised in Philadelphia, I now live in New Jersey along with my teenage son. He's my pride and joy, growing smarter and more independent every day. I hope one day that I could be half the man that he is growing up to be!

| designer |
I'm a Structural Designer working for International Paper where I design point-of-purchase permanent & semi-permanent displays and packaging. An exciting career was my second choice...

| dabbler |
Jack of all trades...master of none. That's me when it comes to my hobbies...which include (but are never limited to) mobile devices, web design, geocaching, model rocketry, corrugated art, modifying my Jeep and a 1970 CB350, and my latest venture...learning to program and build stuff with Arduino microcontrollers. Wish me luck!

| dawdler |
There is a whole list of things I could and should be doing...but there's probably somewhere to go, something on YouTube, or a nap to take first!

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